17 May 2016

17th May 2016 Ben is doing ok and so is Connor, after breaking his arm

We have been for several long walks this week, and Ben is doing pretty good.

When I say long walks, I mean about 2 kilometres which is not bad going as only a few weeks ago he could hardly stand up.

We are taking things easy, no running and chasing balls.  We don't want him to twist too fast and pull his leg again.  Stairs are banned unless we absolutely have to go up them.

Ben has started playing with his toys again, and he is generally back to his normal happy self again.

He will be taking the nutraquinn and the rimadyl for ever I expect. The vet thinks he will need the pain killers long term so that's what he will have.

Two painful limbs

Connor spent some time with us when he was recovering from a broken arm. He did this playing dodge ball at school, he slipped on the ball and went down on the concrete. OUCH he was in plaster for a few weeks but never complained once.

I think Ben and Connor were sympathising with each other.

Connor April 2016 OUCH !!!

May 2016

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9 May 2016

9th May and the back leg is still improving.

Great news is that Ben is still improving.  He is showing a little stiffness around his back legs, but the limp seems to have gone.

Yesterday we walked 3 kilometres round Holywell Dene.  We still keep him on the lead, so he doesn't take off after a rabbit or something, as that would not help.

He managed all the ups and downs of the walk with no problem.

His tablets are now reduced to 1 painkiller in the morning and half at night, and he is still on the nutraquinn supplement.

30 Apr 2016

Leg problems update 30th April 2016

Today 30th April 2016 Ben managed a walk around Seaton Sluice harbour.  He managed a good 2 kilometres.  We kept a slow pace, but let him have a good sniff around.

He is doing ok just a little sign of stiffness.  Hopefully if we keep on with gentle exercise and his tablets he will soon be fine.

19 Apr 2016

Leg problems Week 7 18th April 2016

Well we are into week 7 and Ben is doing ok.
We notice the occasional stiffness when he gets up and occasional limp but so far he is doing
We just cant seem to shift the weight though, despite reducing treats and using a new food
Royal Canin for neutered dogs, which we are told will help to reduce his weight.
He is having regular short walks, never off the lead as we don't want him to take off after something and undo all the repairs to his leg.
He is very happy, he is playing with his toys, enjoys seeing his friends and enjoys human visitors to the house.