29 Mar 2011

27th March 2011 Everyday walks for me

Most days our first walk in the morning has been through Holywell Dene.  Its only a couple of minutes walk behind our house.  Holywell Dene stretches for miles in both directions from where we live.

Its a lovely place to walk, with plenty of paths, and of course the river, which I love to play in.  It goes all the way to Earsdon and then to the waggonways which are the old railway tracks which go for miles round here. It also goes all the way to the beach as well, that is a lovely walk out, past the Holywell Pond where all the wild birds live.

These photos are from the Friends of Holywell Dene website.

Today we went to the Silverlink Biodiversity Park. Its a park which has been developed from an old pit heap which used to be part of the old coal mines of Backworth and Algernon.  Its very surprising, there are wild cattle with long horns grazing there. The walk takes you through the trees and past several ponds with wild birds on, then on an upwards to a huge sundial at the top.  Next time we go we are taking a camera, as the views are outstanding.  Here is a photo we got from the internet.

Dad tells me he has been underneath this years ago when it was a coal mine.

1 Mar 2011

Your going to what??

This blog is about Mum this time, not me.  I haven't really been up to very much recently myself.  However Mum has decided she is going to abseil down the front of a hotel  in Newcastle in May 2011.

It is to raise funds for St Oswalds Hospice, Uncle Nick did it last year, and he raised a lot of money.  But he is a bit brave as he spent some time in the TA doing all sorts of exciting things.  Mum has never done anything like this before.

This is the building

Doesnt look too bad,


Oh well she says its for a very good cause.